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Our Drug Detox Program

Drug Detox in Peace and Comfort

Our comfortable, medication-assisted drug detox is nestled on a quiet residential street in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena. We keep our drug detox population small, only 6-10 beds or so. That way we know everybody has our full attention and focus. Most people also appreciate the simplicity and security that comes we a small, exclusive drug detox with a great staff to client ratio. Transformation Care’s full medical drug detox has nurses on duty around the clock, 7 days a week, year-round.  If you’re trying to beat heroin, fentanyl, benzos like Xanax or Klonopin, crystal meth, cocaine, prescription amphetamines or Ecstasy (MDMA) – We are the people you want to call.

Been There, Done That.

Listen, we’ve been through addiction ourselves and come out the other side. We know how to drug detox people properly, safely, comfortably and why know how much it matters to get that right. Let our strength and recovery become yours. We’ll make sure you are as comfortable as possible with us. With 24-hour clinical staffing we can adjust your meds for comfort in real time. After your drug detox, we have some solid options for continuing your drug treatment with us. Our drug detox is awesome, no doubt, but we don’t think you want to become a regular. We can help you put the drugs in your rear-view mirror if you’re serious and ready to do the work. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you build thriving lives in recovery. We can help you too, all you have to do is make first contact.

Do I Need a Drug Detox?

Well, let’s put it this way. You’re on this website for a reason. You didn’t click the wrong link while shopping for wetsuits. Either you or someone you really care about is wrestling with drugs right now and going through some pain they don’t need to be. Whichever it is, we’ve been where you’re at and we know what to do.

A safe and comfortable drug detox is a must-have if you are serious about getting drug-free and staying that way. There are a few reasons for this. One big one is that to stop getting high problem successfully requires lifestyle change and an understanding of triggers and underlying issues, like trauma. Can you quit drugs without doing any work on yourself? Sure, maybe. For a while anyway.  But the research shows your odds of staying clean are much, much better if you get do at least 30-90 days’ worth of drug treatment at a solid rehab like Transformations Care.

Yes, You Do.

Bottom line is this. Just taking the drugs out of the equation without understanding why we keep picking them back up again leaves defenseless against the next craving or triggering event. Look, if willpower and grit was all you needed to resist addiction then fellowships like Narcotics Anonymous and Rational Recovery, drug detox programs and drug rehab centers probably wouldn’t be around in the first place. We wouldn’t need any of that. Everyone could just tough it out, right? Just bite a stick like those guys in an old cowboy movie about to get a gunshot wound branded shut with a red-hot poker and no pain relief. That’s all you’d need to get through cravings or withdrawal. But we don’t like in that fantasy world. In this world, we need help to get off drugs and actually stay off them.

Detoxing off Drugs in the Real World

It’s pretty obvious we don’t live in that world where willpower alone keeps us clean and sober. So why do so many keep acting like we don’t need any treatment after drug detox? Why do some of us try telling ourselves we can just “chip” on our own and moderate our use and stay out of trouble? Or detox at him with a few subs we bought off the street and then do nothing else to say sober. Most of us by now should know better than to think that’s gonna work.

The fact that you’re here, reading this, means you have had a moment of clarity. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else. Right now, anyway, you are accepting that drug detox is necessary. God willing you might even realize that you or your loved one needs more than just drug detox to STAY clean. That’s great news, if so. Listen, denial and fear are the two biggest obstacles to getting help for addiction.  If you or the person you love has found that precious willingness to accept help now, then it’s time to strike while the iron it gotoIf we can punch through those and just get things moving in the right direction with a little willingness, then great things are possible.

Home Drug Detox Rarely Works and Can Be Dangerous

Some drugs actually have a withdrawal process that is dangerous enough to kill. The three categories are: alcohol, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates. All three of these drugs can lead to lethal seizures in withdrawal if a person is not medically detoxed under supervision. We’re not trying to freak you out by telling you that—It’s something you need to know. Taking Xanax bars on the regular like they’re Tic Tacs and then suddenly quitting (or running out) can actually KILL you. Not everyone is aware of the dangers of benzo withdrawal without being under supervision. The tricky thing about withdrawal induced seizures from benzo withdrawal is there’s no way to know for sure who may have a seizure. There’s a number of things that decide your chances of having a serious, even deadly seizure in withdrawal.

Things That Contribute to a Withdrawal Seizure:

  • How much you’re using and how often.
  • Which drugs?  Is it benzos and opiates, or coke and alcohol? What are you mixing?
  • How many years a person has been getting high or using.
  • Past history of seizures or a family history of them.
  • A person’s general physical health.
  • The person’s age.
  • Any other Rx medications the person may be taking.
  • Other health issues, especially neurological problems.

Even with all of that information you can’t know for use just how much someone is at risk of a seizure. The safest thing to do when it comes to drug detox is to never attempt to drug detox at home. Especially alcohol detox and detoxing from benzodiazepine’s like Xanax or Klonopin or barbiturates is something that should always be done under medical supervision. This is something that simply can’t be left to chance we must assume that everyone is at risk for a seizure. because seizures in benzo withdrawal can be deadly there is no room for shortcuts or guessing here. The deal is this:  A benzo detox performed in a professional medical environment like Transformations Care detox, it is the safest possible way to stop. Period.

Medical Insurance Often Covers Drug Detox

Medical insurance will often cover medical detox for a drug and alcohol use disorder.  If you want to be sure your plan could be used at our program, easiest way to find is to call us. Get an insurance benefits check with your admissions coordinator. After that, a brief phone chat to find out what you’re using and how much will give us everything we need to know to help you.

An insurance benefits check at Transformations Care is easy and usually takes less than an hour. Checking your insurance doesn’t commit you to treatment at Transformations Care. What it will do is give you a clearer picture of your choices for drug treatment for yourself or your loved one. That can help you make the right decision for yourself. 

All we need for insurance verification is:

  • A health/medical insurance card
  • Full legal name, date of birth
  • A phone number to call you back at once we have some answers.

Medical detox from Benzos or Other Drugs

Remember, there are three classes of drug with withdrawal side-effect that can be deadly. Alcohol, benzos (like Xanax and Klonopin) and barbiturates, These other three categories are different. Deadly grand mal seizures in alcohol withdrawal are well documented. The same thing can happen to people who quit using benzos without medical detox. It’s hard to predict. Some people are just more likely to have seizures than others. They usually don’t know it happens.

Even with all of that information, it’s impossible to predict who may have a seizure in withdrawal and how serious it may be. The point of all of this, is that it is a very real risk. Especially with benzos, alcohol, tranqs and barbiturates. This is a risk you do not want to take.

NEVER try to Detox from Alcohol, Benzos or Barbiturates at Home

NEVER try to detox yourself from alcohol or sedatives like benzodiazepines or barbiturates. Don’t even think about it. It could cost you your life. We will always give you straight answers here, It is much too dangerous to play with detoxing yourself off of alcohol, benzos or barbiturates. It requires careful medical supervision to be done safely and even then, you can never eliminate every possible risk. Please remember THIS paragraph and remember the name Transformations Care.

Transformations Care Works with Lots of Insurance Plans

Transformations Care works with most major health insurance plans that have out-of-network benefits and we are also in-network with lots of plans like HealthNet MHN. We’re sorry that we can’t work with state insurances such as Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) or Medicare now. But we do have pretty reasonable and fair self-pay rates which could be an option if you don’t have private health insurance. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you or your family.

Transformations Care Alcohol and Drug Detox in Los Angeles features:

  • Private, comfortable and peaceful 6-bed residential accommodations.
  • 24-hour medical, clinical and psychiatric support and monitoring.
  • Medication-assisted detox to help you stay comfortable, get rest and heal.

Don’t Lose Another Night

Transformations Care has the safe medication-assisted drug detox in L.A. you need. Your privacy, comfort and security are prime concerns. Let us get you through this nightmare and on the road to a healthy, strong recovery. We help thousands of people get recovery every year and begin new lives without being a slave to their addiction anymore.

We can help you or your loved one too. Our mission is to help you heal and give you the tools you need to get healthy again. We want to help build the durable recovery you need to stay sober for the long haul. We’re ready, are you? All it takes is a phone call to change the direction you’re headed in.