Am I An Alcoholic? How to Know When It’s Time to Quit Drinking, Part I

Getting Clean And Sober

It’s always really easy to tell when a character on TV is headed straight for rehab. Mini liquor bottles start falling out of their backpack. They get a DUI. Their boss calls them in for “the talk.” You can probably think of at least another handful of situations that scream “rock bottom moment.” In real life, though, it’s not always that easy to know when it’s time to quit drinking. 

People can spend months or even years silently debating the question, racking up so much pain along the way to some mythical “rock bottom.” The reality is simple, though. As we say in AA, “The bottom is where you start digging.” You don’t have to hit a TV-movie-worthy “bottom” in order to quit. And if you can stop yourself before you get arrested, injured, or worse, why wouldn’t you? You have to make the decision for yourself: How much more pain are you willing to endure? What else are you willing to lose? If you need help making the decision, ask yourself these questions.

Have you ever called in or missed work altogether because of drinking?

Calling in sick all the time is not normal, and yes, people notice. Totally failing to show up because you’ve slept through your alarm (and probably your boss’s texts and calls) is not OK, either. If you think no one’s noticed how drinking is affecting your work, you’re fooling yourself.

Is drinking screwing up your relationships?

Have you ever said or done something seriously messed up to someone you love while you were drunk? Did you regret it the next day? Getting sober can save you so much embarrassment, and save the people you love so much pain.

Do you think people will think you’re boring if you get sober?

Everyone thinks they’re the “fun” drunk, but using alcohol to try to feel a certain way is a classic sign that you are abusing it. (Sober secret: Your drinking buddies will still think you’re hilarious if you get sober because they’ll still be plastered.)

Have you ever woken up to see the text or DM of shame after a night of drinking? 

Imagine it: You come to, eyes shriveled up like raisins, throat parched, head pounding. You pick up your phone to check the time … and see all of the painfully embarrassing texts you sent the night before. If you’ve ever drunk dialed an ex, slid into your boss’s DMs, or gone on a regrettable Twitter rant while under the influence, you need to put down your phone – and the bottle.

Is drinking draining your wallet?

Happy hour specials and two buck chuck can only save you so much when you’re drinking with an unquenchable thirst. If going into overdraft is starting to become a weekly occurrence, or your bills are starting to bounce, maybe take a look at one particular budget item: your drinking.

If even one of these scenarios resonated with you, that could be a reason to take a look at your relationship with alcohol. Life is hard enough these days without making it harder on yourself by pouring liquor onto the flames.

And we know because we’ve been there: If your drinking is already questionable now, it’s only going to get worse over time. You’re the only one with the ability to stop things before they get seriously out of control. (Of course, unless you want to wait for a judge or doctor to stop it for you.) Forget the idea of “rock bottom” and step away before you hit the wall. Find a life you’re really passionate about instead of one you’re just sliding through.

Call us or hit up the chat on our homepage to talk to someone, totally anonymously, about what you’re thinking and what you’re going through. We can help you figure out if you’re ready to get a better life. 

Getting Clean Sober At Home 2


Getting Clean & Sober at Home

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