How Do I Quit Oxy for Good? Tips for Oxycontin Recovery

How Do I Quit Oxy For Good Tips For Oxycontin Recovery

Maybe it started with an injury, and a prescription that snowballed into something more. Maybe you were just looking for a way to stop the emotional pain. No matter how it happened, if you’re addicted to Oxycontin and you’re reading this, then it’s time to get help — before it’s too late. 

No matter what your life is like, it’s possible for you to get clean. Even if you have kids, a full-time job, a lack of funds, or any number of other responsibilities and issues, there’s a form of addiction treatment that will work for you. If you’re willing to try something different than what you’ve been doing, you can have a different life. Here are some forms of addiction treatment that might work for you.

Telehealth for Addiction Treatment

One of the upsides of COVID-19 is how it made telehealth much more accessible to people around the world. Through telehealth, you can get treatment even without leaving your own home. First, you’ll log in to your computer or use a phone to speak to a medical professional. You can get the help you need over a series of sessions. Since Oxycontin is a serious and especially dangerous addiction with difficult withdrawals, it is generally recommended that you get a more intensive kind of help to kick it. But if you’re on the fence, you can always try this out first.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment 

Outpatient programs are for those who are ready to make a change, but don’t want to commit to an inpatient facility. These programs will require a time commitment and a daily check-in, but they allow you to go home or to work afterwards.

Some facilities even offer nighttime outpatient programs for those who can’t make it during the day because of work. 

In addition, there are Intensive Outpatient Programs, which require you to hit certain milestones throughout your treatment.

Each outpatient program will offer counseling and therapy, and can help you get medication for your withdrawal from Oxycontin, if that is safe and appropriate in your case.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential addiction treatment — or, inpatient rehab — is the most effective way to treat addiction to Oxys. Nobody loves the idea of going to rehab, but if you’re using prescription oxys you are probably already running out of options. 

The plus side is that residential addiction treatment can help make your withdrawal and detox more comfortable than it would be on your own. You can detox with full 24/7 care in a safe and comfortable environment, instead of just trying to do it on your own. You deserve support when you’re trying to kick opioids.

Addiction Treatment in South Bay

Here at Transformations Care, we’ve seen it all. People fighting heroin, meth, and so many other addictions have all had successful stays with us in the South Bay. We’re a full detox and residential treatment center with 6 beds. We also offer outpatient services and telehealth for those who can’t make it in person. If you’re committed to getting clean and sober for good, we can help you. 

And if you’ve tried other rehab programs, just know we’re not like them. We’re here to cut the crap and get to the very bottom of what’s going to help YOU. Call us today at 424.339.0965 and we can help you figure out what you need to do to change your life.

Getting Clean Sober At Home 2


Getting Clean & Sober at Home

Today, more than 75% of hospitals and healthcare providers offer access to telehealth treatment, with 29 states having gone so far as to enact telehealth parity laws, which force insurance companies to reimburse patients for telehealth at the same rates as they would for in-person treatment.
 If you’ve been thinking about getting clean and sober, or if you’ve been wanting to work on and strengthen the recovery you already have, it’s never been easier to do it through telehealth.

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