Inpatient Drug Rehab: How to Find the Best Treatment Near You

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It’s not recommended to get sober on your own without proper support. Addiction isn’t a simple one step process of a problem to solve. Addiction is a complicated mental health disorder. When it comes to addiction in order to rid your body of the harmful substance whether that be alcohol or drugs it is typically recommended to go through detox. and/or an inpatient drug rehab program.

Placing your body through detoxification can be extremely stressful on your body. There are many factors that are influential on how stressful it can be on your body. Nevertheless, it is recommended in order to be safe that a person go through a medically supervised detox. This is to ensure they can receive proper medical care while detoxing. Detoxing is not only dangerous but also life threatening. People have died going through detox. Some people may require medications to help them rid their body from the substances and only a doctor can prescribe those types of medications. 

Going through a detox you will go through a lot of mental and emotional anguish as well. Addiction is not only a physical dependency issue but there are also psychological dependency issues as well. Many use substances in order to self medicate through various problems, worries, past traumas. There are also people who have mental health issues that self-medicate with substances to help control their mental health symptoms. For example, if they have anxiety or depression. Once the substances leave their body there are no longer any substances there to self-medicate any of their symptoms away and that can be very emotionally and psychologically crippling for many people. 

There are several inpatient drug rehab centers available for addiction treatment and mental health disorders. These inpatient drug rehab facilities differ by location, therapies and programs offered, staff experience and expertise, and amenities. Inpatient care is the round-the-clock medically supervised treatment of care. It is typically the more costly treatment of care compared to outpatient care. However, you are completely 24/7 surrounded by medical professionals, medical staff, and constantly engaged in some kind of treatment. All the while, working towards your recovery. It is a very intense treatment option which for some is needed.

What Is An Inpatient Drug Rehab Program?

Inpatient Drug Rehab

It is a residential treatment option where a patient will reside in a treatment center facility for a certain length of time. That length of time varies on the facility and program offered. 

The average stay is typically 30 days, however, most facilities offer even longer programs. The longer programs offered for their stays can be anywhere from sixty-days to ninety-days or even longer. The length of treatment depends on many variables, which one being the actual severity of the addiction itself. Any existence of co-occurring mental health illnesses. Whether or not the person has been through inpatient drug rehab before as well. 

Family programs are usually offered in inpatient centers of which the patient’s family can participate in counseling and activities. With participation this allows everyone to regain trust and help heal strained relationships and family dynamics which could trigger a future relapse. 

Families can help their loved one by encouraging them and giving their support by being actively involved with their recovery.

In inpatient residential facilities they all provide their own unique accommodations. Some can be geared to more home-like styles in their inpatient environment settings. Other facilities can be very sterile and hospital-like, the opposite of warm and welcoming. There are even facilities that are more luxurious environmentally wise and seem resort-like. 

Some inpatient facilities have the  basics starting with shared rooms. Although, there are some that do offer private rooms. There are cafeteria-style meals, but then there are some facilities that do have gourmet meals instead. When it comes to recreational activities, most have something available for their patients. Such as a pool, ping-pong table, spa or a gym, depending on the facility.

How To Choose An Inpatient Treatment Center

There are several different treatment programs, and there are a variety of differences between them. Which is helpful being that every person who needs addiction treatment is different. It is a good idea and helpful to ask the proper questions to find the treatment program that’s the most beneficial for you.

  • This program treats what type of addictions?
    Every substance has different symptoms whether that be psychological or physical and/or both. Therefore it is important to ask if they treat your specific addiction. It also would be beneficial to ask about their experience in treating your specific addiction.
  • What different types of therapies are offered?
    Majority of all inpatient drug rehabs offer both group and individual counseling. Aside from that, there are many different types of therapies that can be used in an individualized or group therapy session.
  • Do they help plan an aftercare treatment plan and what options are offered?

Treatment centers usually provide an abundance of planning along with guidance for you in your aftercare treatment plan. This plan is important for you and your long-term sobriety. They usually have a plethora of connections and options offered to help your circumstances for when you leave their facility to incorporate in your aftercare treatment plan.

  • Are credentials and licensing important when it comes to rehab facilities?
    Finding out whether or not the inpatient drug rehab you plan to attend is licensed and accredited is very important. You want them to be! They need to be in order for you to increase your recovery success! You need to have skilled professionals helping and giving your proper treatment. Below standard facilities will fail you and also create a high financial cost.
  • Are there peer group programs offered? If so, what are they?
    Some facilities participate in 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous within the facility. They even provide an option in their aftercare treatment plan for you to attend a 12-step program or similar alternative. There are other programs such as the SMART recovery program as well.
  • Do I have options when it comes to payment?
    Finding out if the treatment facility accepts your insurance would be the first step, if you’re insured. If you’re not insured, ask the treatment center if they have scholarships, sliding scales, and/or in-house financing options. Finding out answers to these questions in the beginning will help you narrow down your options as to which facility you will be able to work with financially, making receiving treatment less stressful. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab Advantages 

Those struggling with Severe Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD), or addiction, inpatient drug rehab may be your best option to ensure sobriety for the long-term. It has been shown that inpatient treatment programs have provided a foundation that was long-lasting. It was beneficial for many people to avoid relapse in the future after they received the 24-hour inpatient care environment from an inpatient care facility.

Inpatient Drug Rehab and Their Benefits Are:

  • Having a buffer from outside triggers, negative influences, general distractions, which could start your substance abuse again.
  • Being and feeling safe, and comfortable in a highly organized environment.
  • Having a positive support system surrounding you of fellow patients, medical professionals, and therapists. 
  • Have the insurance you will be properly medically taken care of while you go through a detox which can be very stressful physically and psychologically. 

Receiving The Help You Deserve

It’s good to be reminded you are not alone in this fight for sobriety and in the journey of recovery. Making the choice to go to an inpatient treatment center is the first step in making a radical life change in regaining your life in a positive way. 

If you, or someone you love is ready to make the commitment and is ready to check into an inpatient drug rehab facility enter, contact Transformation Care Recovery today at, (424) 339-0965. Make a different choice, live a different life! Starting today!

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