How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System

How long does marijuana stay in your system? If you’re even asking yourself (or Google) this question, you probably have an upcoming drug test — and you’re probably freaking out. Of course, the best way to avoid failing a drug test is to avoid drugs to begin with. Assuming you don’t have a time machine, here’s what you need to know about drug tests and how long pot stays in your system.

Drug Tests

Urine samples are the most common kind of drug test because they are cheaper and easier to do. Within that class, the most common are called “5-panel screenings,” which test for amphetamines, PCP, marijuana, opiates, and cocaine. Some tests also can include drugs like MDMA(ecstasy), oxycodone, methadone, benzodiazepines, synthetic cannabinoids (also called spice), and synthetic stimulants (bath salts) as well.

You also may be asked to take a blood drug test. As with other blood tests, this involves a lab technician taking a small sample of blood from your arm, which is then tested for the presence of substances.

How long does pot stay in my system?

If you’ve smoked pot or consumed edibles, you could test positive for up to a few months after you last used — depending on the level of THC in your weed or gummy. Moderate users who partake several times a week can test positive for 7-21 days after their last use. 

If you want to be 100% certain, though, you should just stay clean. There are so many factors that affect how long weed stays in your system; there’s really no simple way to figure it out. Other factors that can affect how you absorb the THC include gender, weight, hydration levels, body mass, physical activity, metabolic rate, the presence of other drugs and alcohol, your ethnicity, and any medical conditions that would affect drug elimination. So, a lot.

How can I cheat a drug test?

We’re not even going to dignify this one with an answer. Don’t risk it. If you pass, you’re only buying yourself a temporary pass until the next test that comes up. If you get caught, not only will you fail; but also, you’ll just look like such a loser — and you’ll feel like one too.

Seriously, the best solution is to get off pot for good. There’s no feeling like the freedom of knowing you’re about to pass a drug test, hands down. (Second-best-feeling might be hearing a siren and knowing you’re not carrying!) If you’re even considering quitting, Transformations Care can help. 

We’ve all been there, and we can talk you through whether it’s time for you to get straight or not. We know from experience that it’s better on the other side.

Plus we have a bunch of different options for rehab in the South Bay. If you don’t want to be in-patient or don’t think you need something that intense, we also have a few different outpatient options that can be scheduled at a time that’s good for you. That means whether it’s day or night, we’re available to help you through it.  Not to mention, we also have a great telehealth program that offers the ability to talk to a counselor and medical provider from home. 

All of our services offer a dual-diagnosis approach, which will help you get clear on your addiction as well as whatever else is lying underneath it, like depression or anxiety. We’ll help you stop self-medicating and get on the right medications — if needed — to help you feel normal again.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to give us a call and figure out your options. Unless of course you like worrying about drug tests.

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Getting Clean & Sober at Home

Today, more than 75% of hospitals and healthcare providers offer access to telehealth treatment, with 29 states having gone so far as to enact telehealth parity laws, which force insurance companies to reimburse patients for telehealth at the same rates as they would for in-person treatment.
 If you’ve been thinking about getting clean and sober, or if you’ve been wanting to work on and strengthen the recovery you already have, it’s never been easier to do it through telehealth.

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