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Transformations Care was founded by two men in recovery, Paul Dillenback and Roman Cooper, with one simple purpose. To bring the kind of no-nonsense, grassroots recovery that transformed their lives to as many people as they could. The focus from day one has been on using proven, practical methods that work to foster change. You might say Transformations Care been doing evidence-based addiction care since before it became a term.

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Authenticity is at the heart of the addiction treatment we deliver at Transformations Care. Because recovery is about becoming your authentic self. And because that unflinching honesty and willingness to look at ourselves is the key to diehard, durable recovery that lasts. That’s what we want for you or the person you love who is struggling with this disease right now. We do more than restore you to health and sanity here. We help you become a stronger, wiser version of yourself.

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Donna Visits Transformations Care

By Delta |  Feb 24, 2023

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Our Own Alcohol and Drug Detox

Transformations Care puts fears of withdrawal discomfort to rest with our top-notch alcohol and drug detox protocol. Receive expert attention to physical comfort and mental well-being at Transformations Care from people who understand addiction.

Evidence-Based Treatment

We are a no-nonsense substance abuse treatment program. That’s why we use an evidence-based model here. That means we use the best of what works and we don’t waste your time with what doesn’t. Our care model means you will always feel seen, heard and understood here.

Total Addiction Treatment

At Transformations Care substance abuse treatment program, we say real recovery requires complete treatment. This is why we deliver comfortable, safe medication-assisted detox, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs all within our own program.

A Real Future Beyond Addiction Is Waiting for You

Real Recovery for People Who Want It

Recovery is about realness. We won’t mince words. The truth is, if you can’t get honest, you can’t get sober and stay that way. We will always be real with you because you deserve it. It’s also the best way we can help. Transformations Care doesn’t see addiction treatment as a “product”. Drug rehab is a lifesaving service that we are blessed to be able to provide to people who are ready to change their lives.