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Our Process

Our Admissions and Treatment Process

At Transformations Care, our simple and earnest patient-focused approach extends to everything we do. That includes our admissions process. We keep it simple and focused so you or your loved one can get here and get help without hassle or delay. We also know that looking for addiction treatment and planning an admission to rehab can be stressful. Transformations Care does everything we can to smooth that path to recovery.

Addiction Treatment Process

Here’s a breakdown of our Admissions Process with some important extra notes:

A – Call

The first step in an admission begins with you. Connect with us. Call or chat and let us know what you or the person you love needs help with and why We’ll explain what we do here and how we can make a difference for you with addiction treatment services we offer. If you want to use health insurance for addiction treatment, you can provide us with the info off your card on the very first call and we will get to work checking your plan right away. As soon as we know the details, we will explain what your insurance plan can do for you here in plain language.

Checking Health Insurance

The process to check your insurance at Transformations Care is simple and usually takes less than an hour. An insurance benefits check does not lock you in to treatment at Transformations Care. It just gives us permission to check what your insurance covers so we lay it all out for you in plain English. That way you can make an smart choice for yourself or the person you love. 

All we need for insurance verification is:

  • A health/medical insurance card
  • Full legal name, date of birth
  • A phone number to call you back at once we have some answers.

B– Clinical Intake

Once we know who’s looking for addiction treatment and why, we find out for them what insurance will cover or work out a self-pay arrangement. The next step is to communicate the needs of the person going to treatment in more detail. This is simple. We just conduct a clinical screening interview over the phone. This call must be directly with the person who is seeking addiction treatment themselves so we can get their personal experience.

Clinical Intake

During the phone interview we just want you to give it to us straight. Don’t hold anything back or leave anything out. The founders of our program are in recovery and so is almost everyone who works here, so believe us, you won’t shock or disappoint us with anything you say. This is a no judgement zone.

We just want to help, so the more relevant info you can give us, the better. We are a dual-diagnosis addiction treatment program. That means we treat co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD, BPD and so on. So, tell us about any diagnosis you’ve had from a mental health professional along with your substance use history. We’ll also want to hear about previous treatment experiences and any relevant medical history.

What Kind of Treatment Do I Need?

At Transformations Care we offer all the primary levels of care. Your clinical intake will help us determine what mode of treatment to recommend for you and for how long. The levels of care we offer are:

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Recommended Levels of Care:

  • Full medical detox from opioids, benzos, alcohol and more.
  • Residential inpatient substance abuse treatment.
  • Intensive Outpatient treatment for addiction.
  • Outpatient addiction treatment and aftercare.

C – Approval

After the intake process & interview is completed and the insurance part is done, what’s left is for our medical director to review and approve you for addiction treatment at Transformations Care. That doesn’t usually take long as long as you have issues we can help you with and there aren’t any unusual needs or medical problems that require more acute care than we can provide you with here.

Treatment Approval

Once you know you’re approved for admission, we just decide when you’re coming and coordinate travel plans. Be sure to check with us about what to pack and bring. We can pick you up from a local address or at any airport, train station or bus station in the Los Angeles area. Note, if you aren’t admitting for addiction treatment with 24-hours of your phone screening, we may need to update your phone interview prior to your admission (to update date of last use, etc.)

D – Admission

Finally, you’re on your way to addiction treatment process with us at Transformations Care! Once you’re here, we get to start working together. Working together is what our addiction treatment model is all about. We will get you checked into detox if you’re beginning with detox here. At our detox, you’ll see a nurse who will take your vitals and get some general health information. We will begin our detox protocol with you and have you comfortable ASAP. 

Over the days and weeks again, we will get to know you a lot better and you will get to know yourself better. Together, we will work on building out your recovery plan, unravelling triggers and trauma and destructive behaviors. By the end of our time together, you will have a much clearer picture of how people, places and things helped keep you sick. We will teach you can do to avoid those pitfalls in the future and continue to grow stronger in your recovery.

E – Aftercare

The work of recovery process doesn’t end when you finish addiction treatment in our drug and alcohol rehab. Remember, we said recovery is a way of living? It is a lifestyle. A model for healthy living and personal growth. As professionals and people in recovery, we are personally invested in your success. That’s why Transformations Care gives every client we have the privilege to treat a thorough aftercare plan to guide their recovery. Each plan is hand crafted for each client’s unique set of needs. Outpatient counseling and referrals, aftercare support and alumni services are all part of the package.

What We Offer at Transformations Care

The Transformations Care substance addiction treatment process has everything you need to get sober in one program. We will help you build the life in recovery you want. All you need to bring to the table are the willingness to change and an open mind. You deserve recovery. Let’s do this!

  • Total addiction care in one program. Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP and OP.
  • Transformation Care’s in-house safe and comfortable medical detox.
  • Holistic addiction care for soul nourishment, art therapy and wellness.
  • Practical, evidence-based residential drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Complete outpatient support, aftercare planning and guidance.
  • Strong support from your new alumni family

Insurance for Addiction Treatment.

Transformations Care works with most major health insurance plans & process that have out-of-network benefits and we are also in-network with lots of plans like HealthNet MHN. We’re sorry that we can’t work with state insurances such as Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) or Medicare now. But we do have pretty reasonable and fair self-pay rates which could be an option if you don’t have private health insurance. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you or your family.

Real Addiction Treatment, Real Recovery. Right Now.

It’s Time to Call

Transformations Care is ready to help. You just need enough willingness to pick up the phone. We can help you or the one you love to start or resume a life in recovery. We have been down this road ourselves and we have the scars to prove it. Rest assured, we get it. Our mission is to help you heal and give you the tools you need to get healthy again. We want to help build the durable recovery you need to stay sober for the long haul. We’ve got your back and we won’t let you down. All you need to do is make the call and all that can be yours.