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If you’ve ever detoxed before, the memories of it probably seem like a twisted, painful blur of some really dark shit. And if you’ve never been there, the possibilities are overwhelming to say the least. Either way, knowing the specifics of what to expect when you’re going through OxyContin detox can help prepare you to make it through successfully—because you can’t defeat your enemies until you know who they are!

The specifics of your own detox will depend on several things:

What have you been using, exactly?

How much?

What’s your body type?

Oxycontin withdrawal can also vary depending on how you have been taking it. Since the pill is a time-release format, if you’ve been taking it by mouth, you won’t see the effects wear off until up to 48 hours after your last dose.

If you’ve been crushing pills to take other ways, though, withdrawal starts within four to eight hours.

The Beginning

The beginning of OxyContin withdrawal might be familiar if you’ve ever been jonesing for a fix. It kind of feels like you’re coming down with the flu: aches, chills, maybe even a runny nose. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s not brutal. This usually lasts about a day.

The Middle

Here’s where it gets gnarly. Both your body and mind will be torn up by the effects of removing OxyContin from your blood stream. Mentally, you’ll feel super anxious and irritable, like you’re jumping out of your skin. This is also when you’ll have some nasty stomach issues, along with rapid heartbeat and even blurred vision. All of this lasts up to three or four weeks.

The End

Once you’ve made it through most of your detox symptoms, your body won’t be a total drug and alcohol virgin. You’ll still feel some low-key symptoms like exhaustion, anxiety, or depression for months after the detox process. (This is known as PAWS, or Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.)

It’s at this point that you can begin the real work of beating your addiction.

No matter how bad your detox is, it’s totally worth it. We’ve been there ourselves, and we know.

We won’t bullshit you on what it takes to get clean and sober, but if you’re willing to try we’ll do everything we can to help you get there.

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Getting Clean & Sober at Home

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