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Drug and alcohol addictions have so many complex factors relating to the causes, symptoms and diagnoses. If you struggle with any type of substance addiction, it would be best to seek out help from an addiction treatment Los Angeles facility right away. Here at Transformations Care, we provide evidence-based, scientific addiction treatment programs for all stages of addiction recovery. Transformations Care also offers healing, support and guidance for those dealing with mental health-related issues along with an addiction, known as co-occurring disorders. Some of the addictions we deal with include alcohol, fentanyl, heroin, prescription pills, opiates and meth.

Medically-Assisted Detox and Treatment

Substance abuse usually requires that a person go through the detox phase before they can continue on the journey of recovery. Here at Transformations Care, we know how an addiction can turn anyone vulnerable. That is why our entire team is here to support and help you through this sensitive, difficult time. 

One of the things we do for you is offer medically-assisted detox and treatment. When doing this, we customize the treatment to each client’s needs. Our professionals have years of experience and can comfortably and safely help to manage your withdrawal symptoms using our evidence-based, scientific approaches. When receiving medically-assisted detox and treatment, you will get around-the-clock care and support. 

Addiction Treatment Options for Recovery

In addition to the medically-assisted detox, we offer a variety of addiction treatment options to help people start and continue their journey into recovery. No matter how long you have had your addiction or what type of substance addiction you have, our team can help you to overcome the addictive lifestyle and start the healing process. 

We believe in transforming lives one day at a time. Whether you are new to sobriety or you have tried this many times before, we can always help you. We are a team of compassionate, friendly professionals who will hold you accountable to your recovery. From the detox stage to aftercare, our professionals will always use evidence-based treatment principles. We have many treatment programs including:

  • Medically-assisted detox
  • Residential inpatient treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs

In each of our programs, we offer comprehensive, effective treatments that work to help our clients stay sober and to create the recovering lifestyle they deserve. 

Features of the Best Addiction Treatment Los Angeles Facility

Here at Transformations Care, we have many features that are essential to being the best addiction treatment Los Angeles facility, such as:

  • California Department of Public Health Licensing
  • Joint Commission Accreditation 
  • Incidental Medical Services Certification
  • Private, peaceful, and comfortable 6-bed residential accommodations
  • 24-hour psychiatric, medical, and clinical monitoring and support
  • Holistic treatments such as nutritional therapy
  • 12-step-based support and treatments
  • Follow The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) treatment recommendations
  • Full medically-assisted detox from alcohol, benzos, opioids, and other substances
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
  • Outpatient treatments along with aftercare services
  • Residential inpatient substance abuse treatment for those who need something more than outpatient options

Our team knows that one of the main reasons people avoid getting addiction treatment is the fear of withdrawal. We know that you want your life back, but this fear along with others, could be stopping you from doing that. Some people try to quit cold turkey or on their own and that often leads to many health issues and relapses. However, you don’t have to go at this all by yourself. Our Transformations Care addiction treatment Los Angeles team can help you through the detox phase, into recovery and throughout aftercare, as well. We help to increase your chances of staying sober. 

Are you ready to start getting back your peace of mind, enjoying your life and taking back control of your life, as well? If so, don’t hesitate any longer. It is time to overcome those fears and get the help and support you need and deserve. It all starts with making a phone call to our Transformations Care team today. 

Getting You Into a Healthier Lifestyle 

Recovery isn’t just getting sober, going to a treatment program and then you are done. Addiction can’t be cured. However, our Transformations Care addiction treatment Los Angeles team can help you to better understand yourself, your underlying issues causing addiction and help you to continue growing stronger and more confident in a substance-free lifestyle. During any treatment program you attend in our facility, you will learn new recovery skills, develop better boundaries, learn coping skills and develop the healthier lifestyle you need to stay sober.

Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

Continue Your Recovery

As noted above, the recovery process doesn’t just end because you finish a treatment program. Remember, recovery is a lifestyle and it is something that you will have to keep up with. It includes personal growth, healthy living, goals, substance-free living and guiding your life in the best direction possible. Here at our Transformations Care addiction treatment Los Angeles facility, we create individualized treatment plans for each one of our clients as we know everyone has unique needs in recovery. Whether you attend an outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment Los Angeles program, we can help you to continue your recovery well after your treatment finishes up. 

Holistic Approaches 

Here at Transformations Care, we offer medically-assisted detox and treatment programs. However, we also offer a number of holistic approaches that are scientifically-backed and evidence-based. These treatments help people to deal with co-occurring disorders, unresolved grief, trauma, triggers and much more. Some of the holistic approaches that we use in our treatment facility include:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Fitness therapy
  • Art therapy

Creating your recovery based on these evidence-based, holistic treatments can truly help you to learn how to live the healthiest lifestyle from this point forward. 

We know that recovery cna be complicated which is just one of the reasons why we offer these treatment modalities. We want every one of our clients to better understand themselves, work to create the healthiest lifestyle they can and improve their mind-body-soul connection, as well. 

Get Addiction Treatment Los Angeles Help Today

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, we highly recommend that you get addiction treatment Los Angeles help starting today. There are so many great features of our treatment facility including holistic treatments, medically-assisted detox, accreditations and much more. No matter what type of substance addiction you have, our team of professionals is here to help in any way that we can. 

Contact us today to get the addiction treatment Los Angeles help you need right away. 

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