Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Los Angeles: Local Resources and Support

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Depending on where you live, you might not notice the devastation of the opioid epidemic. It’s a quiet killer, ending lives with overdoses and burdening the survivors with the weight of addiction. Los Angeles, like many other cities across the United States, is grappling with the devastating impact of the opioid crisis. The widespread misuse and addiction to opioids, including prescription drugs and recreational drugs like heroin and fentanyl, have inflicted a heavy toll on individuals, families, and communities throughout the region. The crisis has reached alarming proportions, with skyrocketing overdose rates, strained healthcare systems, and far-reaching social and economic consequences. 

Addressing the opioid crisis in Los Angeles is a comprehensive and multifaceted approach, encompassing prevention, treatment, support services, and efforts to tackle the underlying factors contributing to addiction. By shedding light on the magnitude of the crisis and exploring potential solutions, we can work towards creating a healthier and more resilient community for all.

Here at Transformations Care, we understand the pain and price of addiction. We want to help anyone struggling to take the proper steps to take on their way to sobriety and recovery. 

According to the DEA, “Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as an analgesic (pain relief) and anesthetic.” 

However, it has become an additive agent in many recreational drugs such as pills, cocaine, MDMA, commonly known as ‘molly,’ marijuana, and many more common recreational drugs. The CDC reported, “More than 75% of drug overdose deaths in 2021 involved an opioid.”

The LASD reports, “Los Angeles County had a significant increase in opioid deaths. 1,173 deaths involved fentanyl. As of May 2021, there were 567 deaths in Los Angeles County related to fentanyl overdoses, an approximate increase of 57%, from the 395 fentanyl-related deaths in the first five months of 2020.” 

The Drug Enforcement Agency has enacted Operation Engage, a program focused on fostering collaborative efforts at the community level to decrease non-fatal and fatal drug overdoses by promoting education and awareness while leveraging the DEA and local government’s diverse array of resources. 

While the resources provided by Operation Engage are beneficial, we at Transformations Care know there’s work to do in the Los Angeles community and surrounding area.

Our Opioid Addiction Treatment goes above industry standards to ensure long-term sobriety for people in recovery. The Transformations Care Residential Opioid Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles features:

  • True residential inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Holistic addiction care, including art therapy and wellness.
  • Proven 12-step fellowship recovery support components (AA & NA)

Transformations Care has established a state-of-the-art medical detox facility in a peaceful and cozy residential area within the suburbs of Los Angeles. Our priority is to provide the level of care we desire for ourselves. Our meticulous approach involves implementing a carefully monitored opioid detoxification protocol under clinical supervision. Fostering healthy communities to help solve the opioid epidemic is crucial. The more people committed to raising awareness about the opioid epidemic, the more messages are being sent to the communities suffering the most from the opioid epidemic. We aim to minimize any discomfort you may encounter during the process by proactively addressing it before it arises. As specialists in opioid addiction, we possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise in opioid medical detoxification. 

Trasnformations Care’s goal is to ensure your utmost comfort throughout the treatment, including managing the side effects of chemical withdrawal: aches, pains, cramps, anxiety, or insomnia.Transformations Care knows how important a solid foundation is to beating addiction. To help teach and implement the proper skills, we offer different programs between 30 and 90-day residential rehab programs or part-time addiction treatment at our outpatient facility. 

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) bridges residential and partial hospitalization or outpatient care. It offers an opportunity to practice new recovery skills while residing in supportive sober housing if you choose to do so. Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Los Angeles County features:

  • Evidence-based Intensive Outpatient opioid addiction treatment.
  • Practical, real-world recovery skill building and accountability.
  • Flexible scheduling with optional evening IOP and available recovery housing.

While opioid addiction treatment serves as the starting point, the recovery process extends throughout our lives. It is essential to recognize that undergoing rehabilitation does not “cure” addiction and then return individuals to their previous lifestyles. Any claim promising such an outcome are little more than scams looking for a dishonest dollar. Our focus is on restoring your overall well-being. We are dedicated to assisting you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and providing the necessary tools for personal growth beyond your time with us. 

Our boutique size allows for our highly experienced team to be there for you every step of the way. You’ll always have the guidance you’ll need to kick drugs and alcohol for good. At Transformations Care, you’ll finally find a new community of people who get what you’ve been through and want to see you succeed. Take the first step to transforming your life with some amazing people by your side. We are invested, and we take outpatient treatment and aftercare support very, very seriously. We know they are essential to your success. 

Transformations Care gives every patient we have a complete aftercare plan to guide them in recovery after they finish here. Every program is hand-built for each client’s specific set of needs. Outpatient counseling, referrals, aftercare support, and alum services are all part of the deal. We also have 12-step meetings we host that you’re welcome to attend if you’re local, and we have fantastic alumni events too. Stay plugged into Transformations Care, and you’ll be glad you did. We guarantee it.  

Our Opioid Addiction Outpatient and Aftercare in Los Angeles features:

  • Joint Commission Gold Seal Approved counseling and support.
  • Sensible, real-world recovery support, structure, and accountability.
  • Meaningful connections to alums for fellowship activities and support.

We take addiction personally because, for us, it is personal. Transformations Care can bill many private health insurance plans, both in-network and out-of-network, depending on coverage. We participate directly with certain carriers like HealthNet MHN as well. Unfortunately, we are not presently set up to accept state plans like Medi-Cal or Medicare. 

However, for individuals without private coverage, we do offer self-pay treatment rates that are affordable and fair.

Contact us to discuss your insurance situation and payment options. We want to help you and your family get the care you need, so give us a call so we can see what arrangements work best.

At Transformations Care, we do what we do because we know there is a way out. We see the way forward. It wasn’t enough for us to sit on the sidelines once we or our loved ones were clear. Our addiction recovery program teaches us that we only get to keep what we have by carrying the message and bringing that same lifeline to others. Call us at (424) 339-0965 or email us here to start the recovery journey today! 

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