After Detox: Transitioning to the Next Phase of Addiction Treatment

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Understanding the next steps of addiction treatment.

Detoxing can be an intense process. After safely going through the detox process, there are multiple options one can take when transitioning to the next phase of addiction treatment. Transformations Care offers a serene and cozy medication-assisted detox program with six beds discreetly located in a tranquil cul-de-sac within the peaceful Gardena suburb of Los Angeles. As individuals in recovery, we appreciate the importance of a secure and pleasant detoxification experience. Taking the necessary steps after detoxing involves a systematic approach to help individuals progress from one stage of recovery to another, ensuring continuity of care and support.

We want to help you properly transition into the next addiction treatment phase. Transformation Care believes that entering a residential treatment program is crucial in continuing your sobriety after detox. The physiological manifestations of withdrawal can persist for multiple days during detox. The psychological effects on your mind and emotions can last much longer. Residential treatment programs are designed to aid you during the emotionally vulnerable after a detox program. From first-hand experience, we believe there are four keys to success in continuing your care after detox:

  • Analyze a Program – Understand where you are in your recovery journey and pick what program fits your current and future needs best, a residential or outpatient program.
  • Pick a Program and Continue Your Care – After analyzing what best fits your needs, contact us at (424) 339-0965. Our team of medical professionals will help set up your transition into the proper program of continued care.
  • Caring for Your Body – Caring for your body is critical to maintaining your sobriety for many reasons. Transformation Care knows substance abuse can take a toll on your body. Taking care of your body through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and proper sleep can help rejuvenate your body and soul. It strengthens your immune system, increases energy levels, and promotes well-being. Maintaining your overall well-being provides the emotional stability you or a loved one will need while on the recovery journey. Addiction recovery often brings mood swings, anxiety and depression in its wake. Engaging in exercise can activate the brain’s release of endorphins and other natural mood-enhancing chemicals. In our residential treatment program, we provide easy access to exercise equipment so that you can proactively tend to your mental well-being.
  • Support Systems – Substance abuse often leads to isolation and strained relationships with family and friends. Establishing social connections and fostering a sense of belonging, within a community, big or small, are vital assets in sustaining long-term recovery. Support systems allow individuals to engage with others who have encountered similar obstacles, creating a community that offers understanding, acceptance, and companionship. This connection contributes to a greater sense of not being alone on the path to sobriety.

The physical symptoms associated with withdrawal may persist for a significant period. The impact on your mind and emotions can last much longer, so it’s important to continue your recovery program after detox. Our comprehensive substance abuse treatments are where the moment of truth arrives. It is where our patients put in the necessary work to form the skills you or a loved one will need to live a life of sobriety. We focus on providing patients with a compassionate drug treatment program to hold them accountable during and after treatment.

We do not believe in a quick fix ‘rapid detox”. There are no shortcuts to sustainable sobriety. We want to see you succeed long after your stay in treatment. Transformation Care provides a residential addiction treatment program that offers a comprehensive approach, blending a diverse range of holistic and conventional techniques to effectively address addiction. This program encompasses the following components:

  • Proper residential inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Holistic addiction care, including art therapy and wellness.
  • Proven 12-step fellowship recovery support components (AA & NA).

Our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program goes above the industry standard. We understand that recovery is a way of life, and actual addiction treatment doesn’t “cure addiction,” and send patients home to live the way they always have. Transformation Care helps bridge the gap between medical detox and long-term sobriety so that you can get closer to the future that you worked so hard to bring about. Transformation Care’s IOP program consists of helping find a sober living facility while offering members of the IOP community who are back in the workforce a flexible schedule to keep up with meetings. IOP is an evidence-based addiction treatment proven to enhance results for individuals struggling with substance use disorders.

Just because you or a loved one has finished detoxing and has completed a treatment program does not mean the recovery journey has ended. At Transformations Care, we understand the importance of your success, both as professionals in the field and as individuals in recovery ourselves. That’s why we dedicate our lives to providing comprehensive treatment and aftercare plans to each of our patients. Our plans have been hand-tailored to address the specific individual needs of our patients, ensuring that patients receive the support they need on their journey to recovery. To make sure that we fulfill our responsibility to you, our sibling in recovery, we offer the following aftercare programs to aid you in your long-term success :

  • Joint Commission Gold Seal Approved counseling and support.
  • Sensible, real-world recovery support, structure, and accountability.
  • Meaningful connections to alumni for fellowship activities and support.

If you need to make a change, we want to help you. It might be hard to believe that a different life is within your reach – without drugs and alcohol. At Transformations Care, we’ve helped enough people get clean and sober to know that this decision can give you the life you deserve. Everyone deserves this chance, and at Transformation Care, we’re here to make it happen. If you’ve been thinking about getting clean and sober or want to work on and strengthen the recovery you already have, it’s never been easier to do it through telehealth. Call us at (424) 339-0965., or head over to our contact us page on our website and fill out our 100% confidential information form, and a compassionate team member will reach out to you.

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