Choosing the Right Addiction Detox Program: Factors to Consider for Success

Drug Addiction Treatment

Detoxing, or the process of going through withdrawal from a chemically addictive substance, can be a challenging, even frightening experience to go through. While it is an unavoidable step to recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, it is an uncomfortable one. When detoxing, it’s important to do so under medical supervision. Attempting to do so without medical supervision and care carries high risks of relapse, more severe withdrawal symptoms and, in some cases, death. With that in mind, choosing the right addiction detox program is nearly as important. Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you make the important decisions that will shape the remainder of your recovery journey:

Use history

   Substance abuse disorders are not created equal, and the treatment plan for you or your loved one must meet their individual circumstances. Medical Detox programs will vary depending on the substance that has been abused and the duration of abuse, along with individual factors like age. Specifically, withdrawal from different substances manifests in often strikingly different ways. Marijuana withdrawal can result in significantly decreased appetite, whereas cocaine withdrawal often manifests in the exact opposite way. The phrase “kicking a habit”, for example, comes from the uncontrollable lower body tremors that often accompany opiate withdrawal.

   Overall, in order to safely and successfully detox from substance abuse, you need to be in the care of a staff that has knowledge and expertise of the substance in question. At Transformations Care, we are proud to have a certified and experienced staff with expertise in treating a variety of addictions, including: alcohol, opioids, various prescription drugs and painkillers, cocaine, methamphetamine, suboxone, and methadone use. Our staff will make sure to treat you for *your* addiction and not for someone else’s.

Medical History

     Medical detox and its aftermath can be extremely taxing on your body. You’ll not only need medical care as a part of the withdrawal process, to make sure that you remain safe and as comfortable as possible, you’ll need care for any other medical issues that you may have that may be exacerbated by detoxication. Heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses can give rise to manageable complications, under the care of our medical staff. Your health is of the utmost importance to us. Under the supervision of our medical director, Dr. Michael D. Stone, our trained and certified medical staff will make sure that you receive exceptional, round-the-clock medical care for any issues that might arise during your stay in our facility.


     Detoxing and withdrawal can be a rough process. Where you detox can make that experience better or worse. At our facility, our private chef will provide you a world-class breakfast, lunch and dinner fitted to your dietary needs. Feel free to rest and digest under the SoCal rays. In our six-bed facility, you’ll receive personalized, individual treatment. At Transformations Care, we understand that you’re a person, not an account taking up space in some 1,000 faceless corporatized facility. We want to give every single patient the experience that they deserve. Unlike other facilities, at Transformations Care, we keep things small so that we can keep things simple and personal; it’s the best way to suit your needs and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    If you’re interested in making a real change in your life, we’re ready to help you. Addiction is strong, but we’re betting that you’re even stronger. A better life is in reach. You can contact us at (424) 339-0965 or visit us at our website.

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