What Drugs Are Legal in California

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If you live in or visit California, you may want to know about the drugs that are legal in this state. You may want to know if you, a loved one or someone you come across is using drugs. Before we dive into this post, let us just say that we do have our Transformations Care facility, for those who are abusing illegal or legal drugs in California or any other state. We also want to state that just because some drugs are legal in California, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe. 

Recreational Cannabis in California

In 1996, the legalization of medicinal cannabis first happened in California. About 20 years later, California legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Now, adults who are 21 and older can use, have or give away a maximum of 1 ounce of this drug. In addition, this law allows people to sell a maximum of 8 ounces of THC concentrates for recreational use. 

With this being said, studies have shown that just because marijuana is legal in many states nowadays, that doesn’t make it safe. People can and do get high off this drug. There are many people who drive while under the influence of cannabis which slows their reaction time – leading to an increase in accidents, sometimes even fatal ones. Marijuana also causes a lot of people to not take care of their responsibilities such as taking care of their household, running errands and playing with their children.

If you or someone you know has an addiction to recreational or medicinal cannabis in California or any other state, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Transformations Care team for treatment today. 

Recreational Salvia in California

In California, salvia, a hallucinogenic herb is legal. The effects of this drug, however, include auditory and visual hallucinations that can be severe. Most people who use the drug don’t enjoy it. In fact, it can cause frightening hallucinations, emotions and worsen fears you already have. 

If you have been using this drug, but you are having a tough time stopping on your own, our professional treatment team can help you overcome the addiction today. We have medication-assisted detox programs and other addiction treatment programs that can assist you in getting clean from this drug. Once you go through the detox process, you can work on your recovery here in our facility or at home through our outpatient treatment program. 


City of Oakland and Magic Mushrooms

Did you know that during 2019, the city of Oakland had made it legal to possess magic mushrooms and some other psychedelic plants. You still can’t buy these drugs. However, if you do have them in your possession in this California city, you won’t be criminalized for it. 

With this being said, magic mushrooms and other psychedelic plants can cause suicidal tendencies, worsened fears, violence, aggression and other negative effects. Many people who have taken these drugs end up hurting themselves or others. 

If you have been using magic mushrooms or a different psychedelic plant and need help to stop using it, we want to hear from you today. Our treatment team has experience in helping people overcome this type of addiction.

If you have a loved one who is using psychedelic plants and you are worried about them, contact our team to find out more about how you can help them to get clean. We have intervention tips and recovery resources that you can use with or share with your loved one.

Information Regarding Legality of Psychedelics in California 

There was a campaign started in 2020 that was meant to help decriminalize magic mushrooms for use and to buy and sell. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, this campaign was put on halt. There are some talks of how the campaign will continue in the future. Maybe, in the next 10 years, there could be the decriminalization of magic mushrooms. 

Using Illegal Drugs – What Are the Consequences in California?

Everyone is aware there are legal consequences for getting caught with illegal drugs in any state. In California, that is no different. While California may be more liberal than most or even all other states throughout the United States, that doesn’t mean they are just going to let you go if you have illegal substances or if you use legal ones illegally.

There are misdemeanor and felony charges that you can get charged with when using, possessing or selling illegal drugs in California. There are fines that you can have, too. Some of them are up $1,000. You could also end up in jail for using, having or selling illegal or legal drugs in the state of California. For example, even though marijuana is legal, that doesn’t mean you can have or sell an unlimited amount of the drug. 

Do You Need Help Quitting Drugs in California

Now that you know more about the legality of certain drugs in the state of California, you will know which drugs you can and can’t do in this state. However, it is also important to remember that taking these drugs, even if they are legal, can still cause negative side effects. They can negatively affect your life, job and relationships, too. 

If you or someone you know is addicted to or abusing the drugs noted here today or any other drugs, it is important to know there are treatment professionals who want to see you get clean. Here at Transformations Care, our team is experienced and trained in helping people to overcome drug addictions of any type. We have helped those who were addicted to marijuana, salvia, psychedelic drugs and many other types of drugs, too.
Contact us today to start receiving help, so you can overcome the use of drugs that are legal or illegal in California.

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