Getting Clean & Sober for Good: Taking the Time You Need to Heal

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Let’s not sugarcoat it…this past year was a b***h. The pandemic not only affected people’s health, but their mental wellness as well. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, nearly 50% of Americans reported that the Coronavirus crisis has negatively impacted their mental health. That’s why, whether you’re in the office or working from home, it’s important to not only check in with yourself, but take the time you need to take care of yourself — especially if you’re struggling with substance abuse. Maybe you’re worried about losing your job over your addiction, but can’t take time off of work. Newsflash: to get clean and sober for good, you need to take the time off of work you need to heal. So what is the process of getting addiction treatment while employed?

The Process of Getting Clean & Sober

Maybe you’ve been hiding your booze or drug use for years, waking up with the shakes every morning, but you’ve never looked into treatment. Transformations Care can give you the no BS, breakdown:

1. Detox

Before you even start working on the issues that have contributed to your addiction, you need to clear all traces of drugs and alcohol from your body. Depending on the substance you’ve used and abused, that can be a long, painful, sweaty process. And if you attempt it on your own, it can be seriously dangerous, causing heart attacks, coma or even death. Our medical team will manage your withdrawal symptoms every step of the way, using the latest techniques and tactics to get you through safely. They can even prescribe medications to help make the process less painful. 

2. Residential Addiction Treatment

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the sh** in your body, continue on to our residential addiction treatment program (aka rehab). During your time in our program, you’re not only in a drug and alcohol free place, but we’ll also help you get down to the nitty gritty mental health issues and trauma that’s fueling your substance abuse. From methods like 12-step groups to music therapy, we help customize a treatment plan that works for you and that will keep you sober after you return back to work.

3. After-Care

The support, care, and mentorship of the Transformations Care team doesn’t end when you walk out the front door clean and sober. Before you leave, we’ll make sure you have the right tools and support you need when you go back to work. We can help you find a sober living, set up intensive outpatient care, or refer a counselor. We’ll even look for meetings near your home and work that you can stop by during lunch break or on your way home. 

How Long Does Addiction Treatment Take?

As much as you probably want to get clean fast and return to work, addiction is a disease that’s a pain in the @ss and recovery from it can’t be rushed. Detox can take 3-5 days and residential addiction treatment programs can last between 30-90 days. Don’t try to rush your recovery process and take the time you need to off from work to do that. According to the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), you’re legally allowed to take up to 12 weeks off from work to get substance abuse help — and you can’t be fired.

Recovery after residential treatment, however, is a lifestyle you must live. That’s why it’s so important to put in the work and not rush your addiction treatment process — to stay clean and sober for good. At Transformations Care, we’ll help you understand how to deal with your mental health issues and use alternative coping mechanisms when work and life triggers come along.

Resources for Workers

If you’re a worker, know you have other resources at your fingertips. An EAP or Employee Assistance Program can help communicate with your HR about taking time of from work. Labor unions can also help suggest trusted addiction treatment programs and health insurance provided by a union could help make treatment more affordable for you. For more information, give us a call and check out our downloadable guide, HERE.

So stop the cycle of wake up-use-work-use-sleep and take the time you need to heal from your trauma and your addiction. Give us a call at 424.339.0965, and we’ll help walk you through the process of approaching your work about getting addiction treatment.

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Getting Clean & Sober at Home

Today, more than 75% of hospitals and healthcare providers offer access to telehealth treatment, with 29 states having gone so far as to enact telehealth parity laws, which force insurance companies to reimburse patients for telehealth at the same rates as they would for in-person treatment.
 If you’ve been thinking about getting clean and sober, or if you’ve been wanting to work on and strengthen the recovery you already have, it’s never been easier to do it through telehealth.

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